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On the morning of each of the three days, lectures will be held with a duration of 60 minutes. Each conference will be conducted by an international speaker with extensive experience in packaging and its technologies.

As a complement, it will speak about success stories of national and international companies within which investment in product presentation served as an enabler for new buyers and / or better valuation of their products on the market.

1-"Innovation in Packaging"

The main materials, designs and characteristics that contribute to the development of highly innovative packaging will be described.

2-"Tag: Global Trends"

The space seeks to show the predilection of global markets in terms of labeling. Brief Introduction to design, typography and image.

3-"Digital Printing Solutions for The Industry"

This conference will clarify about the printed digital tools that will aid in the developmentof the industry, contributing with lower production costs, the frequently used materials and its range of services.

4-"Marketing in Packaging to Increase Sales"

The topic includes marketing techniques used for the packing of exportable products indifferent types of containers. The conference will also provide you with success stories and case studies.

5-"Luxury Packaging for Premium Products"

It involves a distinctive design and high-quality materials that provide an incredible consumer experience. Also, discussing the market trends and options.

6-"Trends in Environmentally Friendly Packaging"

The purpose of this conference is to mention substitute materials for hose already used in the packaging industry in orderto favor the environment, another topic to be discussed is other habits to find sustainable options at affordable prices.

7-"Food Industry Packaging- Market Opportunities"

The materials that are currently used for packaging within the food industry is the subject of focus. The innovations and designs that are recommended for the food conservation are the challenge that this conference will pose.

8-"Automation and Packaging Logistics (R & D)"

It will seek to explain the transition from analogous procedures to the technological era, reducing costs and packaging losses. The importance of research and technological development will be its main elements.


The main objective of the workshops is that the company can obtain personalized advice for their specific product. It is intended that the specialist can provide the necessary knowledge in a theoretical-practical environment, so that the employer can develop, packaging and labeling of your product, so that it is competitive with the demands and global trends. Also, be efficient in the convergence of materials, processes and technologies in all stages of the value chain.

The workshop will last one hour, where the first 20 minutes the expert will give a brief presentation of packaging technology and then there will be an interaction with participants where they can consult and / or expert can evaluate the presentation of their products providing recommendations or suggestions to improve it.

2 day workshops will be held, with room for 30 people. Then the workshop program is as follows:

1-“The Best Packaging for your Product”

The main topics to be discussed are: shape, material and design.  In the practical stage, design, reuse, material and texture will be  considered.

2-“Innovation in Packaging”

Explore the innovations in today's packaging, from those with  moisture absorbers to those that communicate traceability in their packaging.  In this workshop, topics to be addressed: convenience, viability, health,  quality, reliability, and sustainability.

3-“Design and Packaging for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises”

This workshop will encourage the entrepreneur to learn: how to design their packaging, getting to know the materials and the market to which it is addressed, based on this lesson, you will be able to create a new, functional, efficient and commercialization. Likewise, it will develop graphic and visual elements for a better positioning of its brand in the market.

4-“Increase Sales with Sensory Marketing in Packaging”

The workshop will propose a form of marketing that seeks to increase theinteraction of the product (and packaging) with the consumer. A multi-sensory brand-product perception creates a stronger link, which leads to a higher quality experience that translates into increased sales. a series of examples showing how a product through the package can interact with the 5 senses.


Both domestic and international companies will have the opportunity to establish contacts with potential suppliers or buyers at the fair. There will be an exclusive area for the business meetings with permanent support of bilingual staff. 

Registration for the Negotiation Rounds, companies will find on the website an area, where they can register and specify the profile of the company they want to meet. Two weeks prior to the event, the company will receive an email specifying the date, time, place and company they will be having a meeting with.


Expocentro, has an area of 1200 square meters, containing more than 100 exhibition booths with an area of 3 x 2 meters.

The minimum exhibition space per boothis 3x 2 meters.

The price per stand ranges between $ 1,800.00- $ 2,100.00 (tax included).

The stand space includes:

>  Rear and side panels 1 meter wide and 2.5 meters high with a thickness of 6 mm aluminum. (The number of panels will     depend on the space contracted.

>  Label 45 centimeters wide and 2 meters long with the stand number and company name

>  1 - 120-volt outlet

>  1 table, 2 chairs and a garbage bin

>  General security

>  Housekeeping

>  Registration in the Exhibitor Directory

>  Participation Diploma

>  Illumination

>  Exhibitor badges for 2 persons (one more person may be added for every 2m2)

>  Ticket for lunch for the two days of the event