about HonduExpo


About the Fair

The Government of Honduras, through PROHONDURAS, has created the "Honduexpo:Packaging and Design 2019" fair, in order to support small, medium and large companies in Honduras and in the Central American region.

The event seeks to attract leading companies, worldwide, in the packaging industry to exhibit their products. Furthermore, it will serve as a meeting point between the Honduran business sector and others from Guatemala, ElSalvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.

"Honduexpo: Packaging and Design 2019",will unveil cutting-edge technologies in design and packaging. It will also show options for reducing operating costs and protecting the environment. The fair participants will have access to suppliers from countries like Chile, Peru,Taiwan, Mexico, Colombia, United States, among others.

What do we offer

> Conferences on the latest trends in packaging solutions and technologies with renowned international experts in the sector.

>  Business meetings between buyers, suppliers, investors, consumers.

>  Exchange of experiences and knowledge.

>  Presentation of the sustainability factor in the packaging sector. New forms of packaging with environmentally friendly solutions.

>  Personalized advice and assessment on the presentation of your products.

·  Wide range of packaging solutions and technologies through international leading companies in the packaging sector.


Consumers: fruits and vegetables, coffee and cocoa, meat, seafood, beverages, processed foods, basic grains,     confectionery, pharmaceutical, among others, for local markets and exports.

Suppliers: Raw materials of all kinds, packaging manufacturing, recycling industry, logistics and transportation,     machinery, equipment, printing and design materials.

Visitors: Directors and Executives of the companies inthe packaging industry, Associations, Academy (research and     development), International buyers, Packaging solution providers, Final consumers, Industry consultants, Dealers,    Government Representatives, Design and printing service providers, etc.